Levitt's can provide you with both custom blends and stock blends of grass seed to satisfy a range of requirements. We also have a hydroseeder available for rental and stock all the products necessary to complete your hydroseeding project.

Custom Blends

We do our own in-house blending and can create custom grass blends to meet your particular needs. Examples include "D.O.T." and HIGHWAY specs, RECLAMATION and EROSION CONTROL, and HOME LAWNS, COMMERCIAL TURF, and SPORTS TURF. Mixes are available in 50lb, 25lb, and 10lb bags with a minimum order of 250lbs for pickup, or we can ship to the entire East Coast. Call or email for specific needs, prices, or information.

Grass Seed Mixing
Grass Seed Mixing

Stock Blends

Stock mixes and blends for a variety of uses and sites.

HIGH BLUE GRASS mixes include Deluxe for sun and shade, Premium (sod quality) for full sun, and a Blue Grass Blend for over seeding and repair of blue grass lawns.

We carry a number of SPECIALIZED USE mixes. Sports Extra is our best sports and high traffic mix and combines fescues with premium blue grass and a GLSR perennial rye that germinates quickly. This mix can be used on home lawns to create a "carpet of turf." The Landscape Mix contains four different species of grass and performs well under all conditions. Our Super Shady Mix of three different fine fescue species is designed for shady areas or dry conditions. The Prime Time Tall Fescue Blend can be used for over seeding drought tolerant tall fescues or adding them to existing lawns.

Basic blends for QUICK GROWTH and STABILIZATION include the RX Perennial Rye Blend of improved turf rye grass and the economical Contractors Mix.

We also stock Crown Vetch and Wildflower seed.

Erosion Control

We are a one stop shop for any lawn care professional who has a large seeding or erosion control job. We have on-site a 550 gallon HYDROSEEDER that can be rented by the day or by the week. Each tank load will cover approximately 6,000-8,000 square feet. Our sales staff will be happy to help you identify and obtain the products necessary to complete the job.

Our wide selection of EROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS include Straw Erosion Mats, Netless Seed Mats, Curlex Erosion Control Mats, Jute Erosion Mesh, Sediment Logs, Silt Fence and Ground Staples. We also carry a large selection of HYDROSEEDING PRODUCTS: 100% Paper Mulch, 100% Wood Mulch, a 70/30 Wood/Paper Mulch, Bonded Fiber Matrix, and a Flexible Growth Medium Hydromulch. Other products include tackifier, hydroseeding water soluble fertilizer, concentrate lime and Tornado Tack. Heat-treated bagged hay, mulch hay, and straw are also available.