Levitt's offers a full spectrum of pesticides. The listing below indicates which might be indicated for various uses. Please contact us for more information or special orders.


Herbicides: Turf

  • PRE-EMERGENT: For crabgrass and summer annual weeds, use Dimension or Barricade products by themselves or in combination with fertilizer.
  • BROADLEAF: We stock or have access to a large amount of selective herbicides including Super Trimec, Speedzone, and Q4. Call or email us for more comprehensive information on the available products and technologies.
  • CRABGRASS: Drive, Quinclorac, Tenacity, and Solitaire are in-stock items for selective crabgrass control. Check out other products available by special order.
  • NUTSEDGE: Technologies to combat nutsedge include Solitare, Dismiss, and Prosedge.
  • NON-SELECTIVE ORGANIC: Phydora All Natural Weed Killer, approved for school use.
  • NON-SELECTIVE TRADITIONAL: Roundup ProMax, Roundup Quick Pro and Glysophate containing products help control vegetation.

Herbicides: Ornamental

  • PRE-EMERGENT: Snapshot DG and Treflan 5g are granular herbicides that help keep your beds free of grassy and broadleaf weeds. For those who prefer liquid formulations, choices include Pro Deuce and Pennant Magnum.
  • SELECTIVE OVER-THE-TOP: Ornamec and Grass Getter are two top options for control of annual and perennial grassy weeds.

Right-of-way/Fence Line/Gravel

  • Control vegetation with Round Up, Finale, Pronto, Brushmaster, Pramitol, Casoron, and other products listed here.


  • GRANULAR: Broad-spectrum fungicides in granular form include Eagle, Bayleton, Prophesy, and Cleary's 3336.
  • LIQUIDS: Large selection of sprayable fungicides for use in Turf and Ornamentals, including Myclo 20EW, Daconil, Cleary's 3336.
  • OTHER: Copper dust or spray and Sulphur dust or spray are also available.


  • TURF: We offer the newest technologies available for turf including but not limited to the following- Allectus, Acelepryn, and Bifenthrin. Products are available in combination with fertilizer or by themselves.
  • ORNAMENTAL CHEMICAL FORMULATIONS: For controlling insects and mites in trees and shrubs, choices include Astro, Tempo, Merit, Bifenthrin, Azatrol, and Zylam.
  • ORNAMENTAL ORGANIC: Neemoil, BT and Tick Killz are natural products that do an excellent job of controlling insects and mites.


  • ANTI-TRANSPIRANTS: Apply Wilt-Pruf, Vapor Guard or Transfilm to keep plants hydrated through harsh winter weather.
  • SPREADER STICKERS (ADJUVANT): Exit, Turbo, Complex, Nu Film or Magnify are products that can help you enhance effectiveness when used in conjunction with herbicides. They can also help lengthen residual activity when used with insecticides and animal repellents.

Animal Repellants

  • The most effective animal repellants include Deerstopper, Deer Scram, Deer-off, Flight Control, and Miller's Hot Sauce.